Ah yes! Full Moon Fuckery. This Flower Essence is designed for those of  you (Like myself) that do not thrive during the Full Moon....for  when you are tired of the fuckery and energetic beating and want to call in an assist to bring calm and ease.


Full Moon Fuckery contains Flower Essences of Elm, Aspen, Clematis, Mugwort (hand made by yours truly from plants in my own garden), Scleranthus, White Chestnut, and Wild Oat, Purified Water & Brandy.



Place put 2-4 drops as needed directly on your tongue, into to a cup of water and drink or directly into your water bottle. You can also use drops in the bath, on pulse points, and diffusers and humidifiers.

Full Moon Fuckery - Flower Essence - 1oz

  • What are flower essences? “Flower essences are vibrational medicine and each essence contains the life force or energy imprint of that particular flower or tree. Their function is to support and address possible states of disharmony (emotional and physical) within oneself in order to nourish the emotional states and possible physical manifestations of this disharmony.”

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