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Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes the body needs a little help. That’s where my services come in. As an experienced Certified Herbalist I work with you to restore your health and get you feeling better.



Get one-on-one support and a plan tailored specifically to your needs for your journey towards optimal wellness and healing. 

We will discuss your full health history, address your current health concerns to create an easy to follow plan to support and encourage your body’s journey to healing. This could include, but are not limited to herbal therapies, supplement and nutrition suggestions, as well as lifestyle and energetic healing modalities. This consultation will include a custom flower essence blend that will be mailed to you

Within 5 business days of our session, I will send you a complete list of my recommendations and suggestions for your program via email.

1 hour



We will go over how your program is working and adjust any needed components in your herbal protocol. Products are an additional expense.

In general, we recommend a follow-up consultation approximately two-weeks after you begin taking your herbal formula/s. 

Within 5 business days of our session I will send you a complete list of my recommendations via email and suggestions and/or revisions to your program.

30-45 minutes


Package options & Custom Blended Product add on's available!

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As each human being is unique, so is the flower essence blend that should be used. We will work together to craft a blend that is unique to you based on what you are currently experiencing.

Includes: 1/2oz Custom Blended Flower Essence - 15 minute consultation, instructions, information sheet on the blend, and domestic shipping.



Bathe with Intention! Ritual Bathing has been practiced over the centuries and have held different meanings from culture to culture. Simply put, Ritual Bathing is making bathing a mindful, sacred act that is filled with intention and energy.

Made with reverence, intention, and according to moon phases, I will create a completely customized bath for you (or a friend). These Ritual Baths are great to use when a shift is needed, to commemorate a change or if you just want to pamper and spoil yourself.

Each Kit will include:

* Loose Incense & Charcoal

* Hand Rolled Herbal Candle

* Flower Essence

* Herbal Tea

* Salt Scrub or Soak

* Anointing Oil

* Full Bathing Ritual and Instructions

$100 for the entire kit – 20 minute consultation – domestic shipping